Telesessions is a great option for those who have difficulty traveling to the office, or have barriers  in office therapy, such as time constraints, physical limitations, or anonymity concerns.

With the use of video-based telepsychiatry we provide accessible mental health services to our clients. Here is what one of our patient wrote to us in an email:

“It is extremely difficult to find and schedule an appointment that I can make in downtown Manhattan while keeping a job during usual circumstances. Most often, I end up having to cancel appointments that I need for my health in order to meet work or personal obligations.

These services allow me to make my appointments while cutting all time usually spent commuting. But these tele-medicine services do more than save time for work or personal obligations — they eleviate an incredible amount of stress and anxiety. Usually, the stress and anxiety I feel commuting and waiting in reception counteracts all of the progress I make in session.

Another benefit I feel important to mention, is that I naturally feel more comfortable and safe in this space at home and thus feel safer to work through tough topics and discussions with my therapist that are necessary for my healing.

R. M.”

Whether you need counseling, behavioral therapy, or stress management we provide safe, convenient, and professional way to deliver the full range of mental health support. You don’t need special equipment or computer skills. Any device such as smart phone, tablet or a computer will provide you with a secure meeting with your doctor.

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