Medication Management Overview

While society and people as a whole are accepting of the concept of psychiatric illnesses nowadays, there still is a lot of confusion regarding the matter. For example, a person with emotional issues, anxiety or depression can seek help with the matter more easily now than say, a few years ago, but managing the medication that has been prescribed to him or her is still a skill that most psychiatrists lack.

Medication is prescribed to cure an illness, but it is absolutely essential to know which medication can be given, at what strength, the advantages and disadvantages of one medication over the other- all factors that only the best and most experienced psychiatrist practices like ours, know how to do best.

Medication Management for stress, depression and other needs

Prescribing medication for psychiatric illnesses is not a matter of memorizing the drug names, it’s all about application. The same spectrum of drugs can be used for a variety of disorders and symptoms, for example antidepressants are also prescribed for anxiety, and sometimes in cases of psychosis too. The exact mechanism or action, the dosages and the combination of drugs may be standardized, but there still may be a variation in the effect seen from patient to patient. This is why it is necessary to have a practice like ours for consultation, with tremendous experience in accurate and patient customized prescriptions and drug dosages, and monitoring the response as well.

This holds true especially for older patients. Older patients are more likely to be on multiple medications at the same time, whether it is for organic illnesses or physical and hormonal conditions; evidently, the drugs need to be taken in a way that is best for both the patient’s physical and psychological health- again something that only psychiatrists with experience can do. There are possible interactions, contraindications, and sometimes, budgeting issues as well, for example for senior citizens on a fixed post retirement income. All these need planning and correct medical management approaches, something we have extensive experience in. Our doctors have examined a vast number of patients with overlapping approaches that could be not be treated the same way, so we take an individualized approach for every patient. Whether it is the drugs we prescribe, the various forms of therapy and counseling, or the lifestyle changes we encourage, each patient is given optimum medical management through our practice. Because it’s not just allopathic medicine that we need to be well versed in- some patients take herbal preparations, or simultaneously use traditional medicines- all of which need to be examined and approved for use with, or separately from the drugs we prescribe.

The aim of our practice is to ensure that our patients receive the best care possible from us, so that they in turn can have the highest quality of life. Medical management is key in stabilizing psychiatric illnesses, whether it’s a case of anxiety or full blown paranoid schizophrenia, excellent medical management, like the kind we provide to our patients, helps patients rebuild their lives such that their psychiatric illness does not hold them back from living their life to the fullest, and to their maximum potential.